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4) Things I’ll Put off until Tomorrow (30 Days of Lists)

13 May

Yesterday, Saturday, I put off:

Posting this update!

Planting courgette seeds in my allotment, as K wanted a wee before we got that far, so we all came home

Taking up K’s new school trousers

Delivering my Avon orders

Watching Thursday’s Planet Earth episode, as really I don’t want to see the baby grey whale calf being drowned by an orca pod.


3) Recipe for a Good Weekend (30 Days of Lists)

11 May

Sleeping in later than 7am.

Having a Grand Family Day Out with my daughters and husband.

Watching a good film together on the sofa.

Cooking and eating together.

No-one is grumpy.



Meerkat fun at Tropical World, Leeds

2) This Month’s Goals (30 days of lists)

10 May

For May 2012

Back in the mists of time, I learnt about SMART targets, as part of my mangement training. I actually still use this when thinking about my current life and what I want to achieve.

All goals must be:






We used this anacronym for goal setting for our teams, departments and ourselves. Now, most of my short-term goals are personal, but there is no point in setting them unless they are Specific (no waffle, they are clear) Measurable, Attainable (nothing like climb Everest or Swim with Dolphins, but they relate directly to day to day life) Relevant (they are necessary and won’t be out of date before they are achieved) and Timed (there is a start & end date, the end date can be adjusted, but only for a good reason & the goal is then adjusted to allow for this).

I had a think and these are my goals for this month:

Acquire more Avon customers

Decide on outfit for wedding I’m going to next month

Update my blog each day

Be less grumpy – take painkillers when needed for my backĀ  and look at supplements for my appalling PMS.

I will review these at the end of the month.

1) Challenges to Accept (30 Days of Lists)

9 May


Keep on top of my allotment, but also to know my limits for how long I can dig at a time. Listen to my body and my back. When my back twinges, stop, don’t think “I’ll just do a few more minutes or finish this patch”. Just STOP!!! Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Nurture the inside of our home, as much as the garden. I’m an outdoors person and would rather spend the afternoon planting / weeding / watering than dusting or hoovering. Start FLYlady again, as I used it when Kate was a baby and it really does work. I’m not that keen on the layout of the website, as I find it too busy and hard to find what I want, but the system does work. Perhaps I need to buy the book, I have read it through bookcrossing. Don’t procrastinate and leave it until I buy the book, actually stop faffing and start baby steps.

Do the Artist’s Way again, without giving up half way through.



Make sure I have a job for next year. I’m a Teaching Assistant in a primary school and work on a contract.

Re-make my career plan.


9 May


I was going to be really organised and post this each day in May. I sat down with my pukka pad notebook this morning to work on it, as this was my first free time for me for ages, and it suddenly hit me that it was actually the 9th of May. Instead of leaving it for June and possibly forgetting again, I shall just jump in, catch up & then post daily. I took the prompts from a 2011 list in the 30 Days of Lists website above (I still can’t work out how to inbed links into wordpress, but I’ll get there eventually).

The sun was warm this morning, so I sat outside in our tiny front garden, with a nice cup of tea and enjoyed the warmth. I was then pooed on by a sparrow flying overhead, so I hope that’s not an omen about taking time out for myself!