1) Challenges to Accept (30 Days of Lists)

9 May


Keep on top of my allotment, but also to know my limits for how long I can dig at a time. Listen to my body and my back. When my back twinges, stop, don’t think “I’ll just do a few more minutes or finish this patch”. Just STOP!!! Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Nurture the inside of our home, as much as the garden. I’m an outdoors person and would rather spend the afternoon planting / weeding / watering than dusting or hoovering. Start FLYlady again, as I used it when Kate was a baby and it really does work. I’m not that keen on the layout of the website, as I find it too busy and hard to find what I want, but the system does work. Perhaps I need to buy the book, I have read it through bookcrossing. Don’t procrastinate and leave it until I buy the book, actually stop faffing and start baby steps.

Do the Artist’s Way again, without giving up half way through.



Make sure I have a job for next year. I’m a Teaching Assistant in a primary school and work on a contract.

Re-make my career plan.



9 May


I was going to be really organised and post this each day in May. I sat down with my pukka pad notebook this morning to work on it, as this was my first free time for me for ages, and it suddenly hit me that it was actually the 9th of May. Instead of leaving it for June and possibly forgetting again, I shall just jump in, catch up & then post daily. I took the prompts from a 2011 list in the 30 Days of Lists website above (I still can’t work out how to inbed links into wordpress, but I’ll get there eventually).

The sun was warm this morning, so I sat outside in our tiny front garden, with a nice cup of tea and enjoyed the warmth. I was then pooed on by a sparrow flying overhead, so I hope that’s not an omen about taking time out for myself!



It’s now May, yes really!

1 May

We were spoilt yesterday as we had sun. I dried 2 loads of washing. I read my book in the garden. Today, the weather is back to usual – miserable greyness and lots of rain.

Things to Look Forward to in May

Inset Day on Thursday (polling day) No plans made, am waiting to see what the weather does.

Bank Holiday on Monday. Again, will see what the weather brings.

A friend’s wedding (sadly I can’t go, as working in a school means no term time holidays)

Jubilee Celebration Day for Brownies & Guides at Squirrel Woods. I’m going along as a Brownie helper, it was fantastic last time we went. It includes lots of games, archery, climbing, a BBQ & singing around the campfire.

UFS school trip to Sheffield Tropical House. I haven’t been since we lived in Sheffiled & Kate was a toddler (she is now 10). http://www.butterflyhouse.co.uk/ They have meerkats, so I will be very happy.

My birthday. I will be Very Old.

Breaking up for half term.

Packing for our week’s holiday to Jersey to stay with my parents and go to a wedding, over half term. Beaches. Sun. No work.

Unimpressed From Yorkshire

17 Mar


I can’t get the link to inbed properly, but never mind.
This morning, I tried on the green patterned dress & tunic on the website, plus a pair of black leggings that I can’t seem to find online. In a 14, which is my size. All of them fitted, but each piece was unflattering & made me look larger than I actually am (at least in the mirror in the changing room in Sainsburys) Far from feeling empowered about my body & curves, I felt tears pricking in my eyes. I felt that they were designed for stick thin size 8 women & just made slightly bigger in each size, up to a 16 (that was the largest I could see on the rails) I tried on a 16 in the dress, as well as the 14,  & it was miles too big.  The dress was the only item that had a size 16 out & not all styles even had 14s. Most sizes were 10s & 12s.
Some of the tops had “secret” tiny little pockets to keep your lipstick in. My 10 year old thought this was amazing. As a 43 year old working mother, I can see no reason as to why I would want or need to secretly carry a lipstick on my person. If I want to take make-up to work, I have a handbag or proper pockets to put them in.  This has left me wondering and assuming that I can’t be the target market for these clothes.
As I desperately need new basic bras, I instead decided to spend my money on underwear. £20 later & I have 3 new t-shirt bras in a cup size up from my old ones (bought years ago) This has made me feel good. I probably now need to replace every single bra, as they are all really too small 😦
Gok’s show is one of the few tv programmes that I actually watch. I’m now considering stopping watching.
Gok Wan can gok off!!!

The Things We Stoop to since Being a Mother

15 Mar

This morning’s school run saw me taking Cravendale labels off some bottles in someone’s recycling bin (left on the pavement as it’s bin day) as my daughters desperately want the “free” Kermit backpack. They actually want one each, but are going to have to settle for sharing as I doubt we’ll collect 20 codes, let alone 40.

I had to pretend to not be embarassed as other mothers walked past me wondering why on earth I was rummaging in someone else’s recycling bin. It will no doubt be the talk of the playground as I’m co-chair of the PTFA & presumably it’s not the sort of behaviour expected of me.

I’ve spent an hour in school this morning drinking tea & starting off several cupcakes that the top part of KS2 are making for Mother’s Day. It seemed like such a good idea at the time. Why doesn’t the PTFA buy some easy craft things & each child can make a present for their mum. Nearly 500 children that is. In 5 afternoons. With a handful of volunteer mums (why do dads never volunteer to help at school events?) I work 2 afternoons a week & those afternoons have been easier and less stressful than the afternoons I’ve been doing crafts in my children’s school. I even work in a school myself. I’ve suggested that we do it over 2 weeks next year, so we have twice a long & in theory half the stress. Ha ha ha …

The List

17 Feb

As inspired by a very old episode of Friends, where they all chose 10 people that they could sleep with, with no repercussions from partners.


George Clooney
Colin Firth (bonus points if he dresses up as Darcy)
Brad Pitt
Robbie Williams
The cute boy from Mama Mia in the surf (bonus points if he sings Lay All Your Love on Me too)
Johnnie Depp
David Tennant (plus a tardis)

In no particular order. More thought needed too!

Will You Be My Valentine?

16 Feb

As it was half term, I spent Valentine’s Day with my children, while my husband was at work. He excelled himself though by presenting me with a card and a heart-shaped box of Thorntons chocolates over breakfast. This is a step-up from the norm, as previous years have seen him totally forgetting and panic-buying me a card and flowers in Tesco on the way home from work in the evening.

The Ocado weekly shop was due on the day too, so I added a Waitrose £20 meal deal to it. We had brie and roasted tomato tartlets (the next day actually) chicken in a mushroom sauce, steamed asparagus, courgette and green beans, parmetier potatoes and Gu chocolate souffles (mostly eaten by the children) Plus a bottle of rose cava, yum! Half of the cava is still in the fridge though.

The girls decorated the table with hand-made paper hearts and candles. It was a romantic meal for 4 🙂 Followed by a lush bath with snow fairy, my absolute favourite lush product 🙂

Did you do anything special?