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The Boden Sale

8 Jul

I first heard rumours of this early in the week. Then, a friend told me it was going to happen today, but I ended up having to go back to bed late morning with a tummy bug 😦

It started an hour after I crawled out of bed, so I managed to get:

Lavender photographers jacket for me (that I admired this morning before the website went offline)

Lavender striped towelling hoodie for DD1 (DD2 said she wanted the turquoise one which was sold out & wasn’t bothered by the other colours)


My Birthday Money

7 Jul

For my 44th Birthday in May, I had no idea what I wanted, so I asked family for money, to put towards a shed for my allotment. Then, I felt really, really old & middle aged when I told friends I was having a shed for my birthday. Then, upon doing some shed research online, I realised that the very generous £200 I had amassed wasn’t enough for the sort of shed that I wanted. I toyed with saving the £200 & asking for the same thing again next year, but dismissed that idea fairly quickly 😛 I then decided on buying a pushbike, so I could cycle to work, rather than walk in the summer. Summer has yet to arrive & after putting my back out twice, I’ve spent some of my lovely birthday present money on:

A lovely Cath Kidston cross body bag (with 20% off) in sage green with spots (bonus points as it’s made form oilcloth, so is waterproof, I originaly wanted a cloth one)

A purple Radley bag in the sale (my first Radley purchase, it won’t be my last) I deliberately bought the smallest size, as 99% of my bags are large & I carry far too much stuff around with me. The downside is that my lovely leather wallet from Autograph takes up half the bag, so I need a small coin purse to decamp to when I use it. I christened my bag a few nights ago when I went to Wetherspoons curry night with the PTFA & used my daughter’s sequin butterfly shaped purse, which made me feel like I was about 6 years old. My bag was greatly admired though 🙂

Wonderful funky sandals from Autograph with a small heel. Bought as an emergency last minute purchase the day before a friend’s wedding, as the very high wedges I’d bought from Clarks to go with my new dress were too high as I’d put my back out & was in a lot of discomfort. To say they were bought in a rush & panic, they are one of my most favourite pairs of shoes I have ever owned. My 7 year old also adores them & I can never find them as she wears them around the house, clip clopping around, & never puts them back in my bedroom.

A very stylish navy & white striped blazer from the Next Outlet at Freeport. I wore it to work & everyone assumed I was going to a job interview as I usually wear a cardigan.

Funky cream linen blend harem style trousers, also from the Next Outlet. I never saw myself as wearing something so “fashionable” as I’m a classic, buy good quality & wear it for years style of dresser, but they are very flattering on & I’m always complimented. I’ve worn them to work & to the pub, along with the blazer, sandals & Radley bag.

And the best thing? I still have £50 letft to spend!

Unimpressed From Yorkshire

17 Mar

I can’t get the link to inbed properly, but never mind.
This morning, I tried on the green patterned dress & tunic on the website, plus a pair of black leggings that I can’t seem to find online. In a 14, which is my size. All of them fitted, but each piece was unflattering & made me look larger than I actually am (at least in the mirror in the changing room in Sainsburys) Far from feeling empowered about my body & curves, I felt tears pricking in my eyes. I felt that they were designed for stick thin size 8 women & just made slightly bigger in each size, up to a 16 (that was the largest I could see on the rails) I tried on a 16 in the dress, as well as the 14,  & it was miles too big.  The dress was the only item that had a size 16 out & not all styles even had 14s. Most sizes were 10s & 12s.
Some of the tops had “secret” tiny little pockets to keep your lipstick in. My 10 year old thought this was amazing. As a 43 year old working mother, I can see no reason as to why I would want or need to secretly carry a lipstick on my person. If I want to take make-up to work, I have a handbag or proper pockets to put them in.  This has left me wondering and assuming that I can’t be the target market for these clothes.
As I desperately need new basic bras, I instead decided to spend my money on underwear. £20 later & I have 3 new t-shirt bras in a cup size up from my old ones (bought years ago) This has made me feel good. I probably now need to replace every single bra, as they are all really too small 😦
Gok’s show is one of the few tv programmes that I actually watch. I’m now considering stopping watching.
Gok Wan can gok off!!!

Frugal February

5 Feb

I’m joining in 5 days late, but as I need to pay out £180 this month for my daughter’s brownie pack holiday (£20 deposit all ready paid) & I work part-time, I need to spend very carefully.

Kate is 10 next month & has asked for a DSi. We don’t normally buy such an expensive gift, but I agreed to it before we knew the price of the pack holiday (£100, instead of the usual £40) I avoid using my credit card, but I may need it for the DSi.

I had all ready decided to be extra careful over the next couple of months, as I also need to factor in my husband’s 50th bithday at the end of next month. He isn’t bothered by celebrating his birthday usually, but I think that big birthdays should be more special.

My biggest personal spending goes on coffees in cafes, dolce gusto pods for coffee at home (I seem to be spotting a theme here!) & chocolate.

I love reading, but trawl the charity shops, use the library & borrow / lend  books from/ with  friends. I’m currently reading Stephen Booth’s first Peak District crime novel, but found a few at the school Christmas fayre book stall & at the annual Bookcrossing unconvention last Autumn. A friend also lent me the 3 Call the Midwife books last week at the PTFA coffee morning.  I don’t need to buy any books. Now. This month. Or for the next few years if I read everything on my groaning bookshelves …

I still have un-spent Christmas money & amazon vouchers.

I’ve seen this on several blog’s, but the original post is

So, for the rest of February

I vow, for one month from 1st Feb, to avoid shopping for anything other than essentials.

Magpie Monday

23 Jan

Last week’s charity shop finds were 2 books:

The 9th Lemony Snickett book for Kate

Desirable Residences (or something like that) by Madeline Wickham (real name of Sophie Kinsella)



Sorry, I can’t work out how to post using the button for Magpie Monday.