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4) Things I’ll Put off until Tomorrow (30 Days of Lists)

13 May

Yesterday, Saturday, I put off:

Posting this update!

Planting courgette seeds in my allotment, as K wanted a wee before we got that far, so we all came home

Taking up K’s new school trousers

Delivering my Avon orders

Watching Thursday’s Planet Earth episode, as really I don’t want to see the baby grey whale calf being drowned by an orca pod.


Magpie Monday

23 Jan

Last week’s charity shop finds were 2 books:

The 9th Lemony Snickett book for Kate

Desirable Residences (or something like that) by Madeline Wickham (real name of Sophie Kinsella)



Sorry, I can’t work out how to post using the button for Magpie Monday.





Mum and me by Kate

18 Jan

This is Kate reporting for mum and me. My mum is cool and she works at a school. I dont work because I’m 9 . Mum likes doing:

posters, science, eating cake and reading.¬†Tonight w’ere making pizza [ yummy]

Thats it tonight¬†from mum and me …