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Frugal February

5 Feb

I’m joining in 5 days late, but as I need to pay out £180 this month for my daughter’s brownie pack holiday (£20 deposit all ready paid) & I work part-time, I need to spend very carefully.

Kate is 10 next month & has asked for a DSi. We don’t normally buy such an expensive gift, but I agreed to it before we knew the price of the pack holiday (£100, instead of the usual £40) I avoid using my credit card, but I may need it for the DSi.

I had all ready decided to be extra careful over the next couple of months, as I also need to factor in my husband’s 50th bithday at the end of next month. He isn’t bothered by celebrating his birthday usually, but I think that big birthdays should be more special.

My biggest personal spending goes on coffees in cafes, dolce gusto pods for coffee at home (I seem to be spotting a theme here!) & chocolate.

I love reading, but trawl the charity shops, use the library & borrow / lend  books from/ with  friends. I’m currently reading Stephen Booth’s first Peak District crime novel, but found a few at the school Christmas fayre book stall & at the annual Bookcrossing unconvention last Autumn. A friend also lent me the 3 Call the Midwife books last week at the PTFA coffee morning.  I don’t need to buy any books. Now. This month. Or for the next few years if I read everything on my groaning bookshelves …

I still have un-spent Christmas money & amazon vouchers.

I’ve seen this on several blog’s, but the original post is

So, for the rest of February

I vow, for one month from 1st Feb, to avoid shopping for anything other than essentials.