1) Challenges to Accept (30 Days of Lists)

9 May


Keep on top of my allotment, but also to know my limits for how long I can dig at a time. Listen to my body and my back. When my back twinges, stop, don’t think “I’ll just do a few more minutes or finish this patch”. Just STOP!!! Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Nurture the inside of our home, as much as the garden. I’m an outdoors person and would rather spend the afternoon planting / weeding / watering than dusting or hoovering. Start FLYlady again, as I used it when Kate was a baby and it really does work. I’m not that keen on the layout of the website, as I find it too busy and hard to find what I want, but the system does work. Perhaps I need to buy the book, I have read it through bookcrossing. Don’t procrastinate and leave it until I buy the book, actually stop faffing and start baby steps.

Do the Artist’s Way again, without giving up half way through.



Make sure I have a job for next year. I’m a Teaching Assistant in a primary school and work on a contract.

Re-make my career plan.


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