Unimpressed From Yorkshire

17 Mar


I can’t get the link to inbed properly, but never mind.
This morning, I tried on the green patterned dress & tunic on the website, plus a pair of black leggings that I can’t seem to find online. In a 14, which is my size. All of them fitted, but each piece was unflattering & made me look larger than I actually am (at least in the mirror in the changing room in Sainsburys) Far from feeling empowered about my body & curves, I felt tears pricking in my eyes. I felt that they were designed for stick thin size 8 women & just made slightly bigger in each size, up to a 16 (that was the largest I could see on the rails) I tried on a 16 in the dress, as well as the 14,  & it was miles too big.  The dress was the only item that had a size 16 out & not all styles even had 14s. Most sizes were 10s & 12s.
Some of the tops had “secret” tiny little pockets to keep your lipstick in. My 10 year old thought this was amazing. As a 43 year old working mother, I can see no reason as to why I would want or need to secretly carry a lipstick on my person. If I want to take make-up to work, I have a handbag or proper pockets to put them in.  This has left me wondering and assuming that I can’t be the target market for these clothes.
As I desperately need new basic bras, I instead decided to spend my money on underwear. £20 later & I have 3 new t-shirt bras in a cup size up from my old ones (bought years ago) This has made me feel good. I probably now need to replace every single bra, as they are all really too small 😦
Gok’s show is one of the few tv programmes that I actually watch. I’m now considering stopping watching.
Gok Wan can gok off!!!


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