The Things We Stoop to since Being a Mother

15 Mar

This morning’s school run saw me taking Cravendale labels off some bottles in someone’s recycling bin (left on the pavement as it’s bin day) as my daughters desperately want the “free” Kermit backpack. They actually want one each, but are going to have to settle for sharing as I doubt we’ll collect 20 codes, let alone 40.

I had to pretend to not be embarassed as other mothers walked past me wondering why on earth I was rummaging in someone else’s recycling bin. It will no doubt be the talk of the playground as I’m co-chair of the PTFA & presumably it’s not the sort of behaviour expected of me.

I’ve spent an hour in school this morning drinking tea & starting off several cupcakes that the top part of KS2 are making for Mother’s Day. It seemed like such a good idea at the time. Why doesn’t the PTFA buy some easy craft things & each child can make a present for their mum. Nearly 500 children that is. In 5 afternoons. With a handful of volunteer mums (why do dads never volunteer to help at school events?) I work 2 afternoons a week & those afternoons have been easier and less stressful than the afternoons I’ve been doing crafts in my children’s school. I even work in a school myself. I’ve suggested that we do it over 2 weeks next year, so we have twice a long & in theory half the stress. Ha ha ha …


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